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Queen Wilhelmina Hamfest

QWHA Bylaws

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The name of this association shall be:



The acronym will be QWHA.

The address of this association shall be that of the incumbent Chairperson.


The objectives of this association shall be:

(1) To promote and sponsor one (1) Hamfest each year at

Queen Wilhelmina

State Park

, (hereinafter referred to as QWSP)

(2) To promote the hobby of amateur radio and further the scientific and

educational aspects of amateur radio.

(3) To insure smooth continuity between participants and QWSP rules,

regulations, and facilities.

(4) Operate as a non-profit organization.


Membership is open to the public. At this time dues will be assessed at $2.00

per family. Payment of dues allows for voting privileges and mail out of next

year’s Hamfest flyer.


Section 1

. Selection

Board of Directors’ vacancies shall be appointed by the initial Directors at a

general meeting. A two-thirds (2/3) vote of a quorum of the active Directors in

attendance is required.

Section 2 .


A quorum in article IV, Section 1, shall constitute 3 members.

Section 3

. Qualifications and Makeup

Directors’ must be licensed amateur radio operators in good standing with the

FCC. The number of Directors is as follows: two (2) representing Arkansas, one

(1) representing Louisiana, one (1) representing Oklahoma, and one (1)

representing Texas.

Section 4

. Duties of Directors

The Board of Directors’ shall be a governing body to oversee the Hamfest

Committee. This will insure continuity of rules and regulations and provide a

conduit for the resolution of problems and policies that may arise throughout

the year. They may also assist the Committee in planning and performance of the

Hamfest. An Executive Director shall be elected by the Directors’ to oversee the

operations of the Board and preside at Board meetings.

Section 4

. Term of Directors

A Director will remain at his/her position for a normal term of five (5) years.

After his/her tenure he/she will retire and not be eligible to serve as Director

for a length of three (3) years.

Section 5 .

Removal of Directors

In order to increase the control for the Director by the membership of the

association by ordinary resolution, i.e. a simple majority of votes may remove a

Director before the expiration of his/her term of office despite any other

provision in the articles or agreements, This vote may be taken at a general

meeting or specially called meeting when deemed necessary.


Section 1 .

A Quoru m

From Article V continuing through the end of this Document a quorum shall be

defined as Board and Committee members present at the meeting.

Section 2 .

Chairperson Selection and Duties

The Chairperson will be selected from individuals who are currently members of

the “Committee”. The Chairperson will be responsible for managing and personally

overseeing the planning and activities of the Hamfest. The Chairperson will also

be responsible for all correspondence and have the power to sign contracts and

agreements. The term for the Chairperson will be two (2) years at which time

he/she will be replaced but remain on the Committee for one (1) year before


Section 3 .

Definition of Committee

The Committee will be comprised of a maximum number of seven (7) individuals. A

committee member will serve at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Any

Director, Committee member or registered member may appoint a registered member

to serve on the Committee. Current Directors and Committee members will take

anyone appointed into consideration and vote on his/her selection. Selection

must be approved by a simple majority vote of the Directors and Committee

members in attendance. Committee members will answer to the Chairperson and

assist him/her in the planning and activities of the Hamfest as directed by the

Chairperson. You must be a licensed amateur radio operator to serve on the

Committee. Wives or husbands of Committee members (non-Hams) may assist in

Committee activities if they please.


Section 1 .

Treasurer Selection and Duties

The treasurer shall be appointed by the Directors and Committee members. The

Treasurer shall receive and be custodian of all funds of the association and

shall pay all bills upon authorization by the Chairperson. The Treasurer shall

keep an account of all monies received and disbursed and give a report at each

general meeting of the association. If at all possible the Treasurer will be

someone residing in Arkansas.


Proceeds collected for the previous year’s Hamfest will be used to finance the

next year’s Hamfest. No money will be borrowed or speculated for the purpose of

financing a Hamfest. It is also clear the Directors or Committee members will

receive no personal revenue from the Hamfest.


Section 1 .

General Meetings

The general meetings shall be held twice a year. The first meeting will be held

in February and the second meeting will be held in July. The purpose of these

meetings is to make plans and preparations for the upcoming Hamfest. The precise

date will be selected by the Chairperson. These meetings will be held at QWSP.

Section 2 .

Presiding Officer

The Committee Chairperson will preside over the general meeting.

Section 3 .


It is the purpose of these meetings to involve all Committee members in

attendance at the general meeting. Attendance to the general meeting is open to

the public but voting rights lay solely to Committee members, Directors and

registered members of the association. Voting will be by a show of hands. There

will be no right to appoint a proxy or agent to attend and vote.

Section 4 .

Roberts Rules of Orde r

Roberts Rules of Order, as amended, shall be used for meeting procedures


Section 1 .

Attendance and Meeting

At any time deemed necessary a meeting of the Board of Directors may be called

by any Director. Those in attendance will be only Directors and those

individuals who are invited by same, and will meet behind closed doors. The

Executive Director shall preside if in attendance. The proceedings of the

Executive Session may or may not be made public upon completion of the session.

When it is in the best interest of the association, the Committee and members

will be briefed on the minutes of the Executive Session.


Section 1 .


The Hamfest will be held on the weekend following Labor Day each year.

Section 2 .


The location of the Hamfest will be QWSP.

Section 3 .


Activities and programs of the Hamfest will be the responsibilities of the

Committee and under their direction.

Section 4 .

Amateur Radio Vendor/Dealer

It is the intent of this association to invite one (1) full line radio dealer to

participate in the Hamfest. It is not our purpose to discourage any other radio

dealer to attend on his/her own.

Section 5 .

Flea Market

In strict accordance with QWSP regulations, the sale of items will only be

allowed in areas that are designated by QWSP. Sales in campsites or areas other

than assigned areas are strictly forbidden. A fee to be determined by the

Hamfest Committee will be assessed for usage of flea market spaces.

Section 6 .


Donations will be received for the purpose of raising money to finance the

upcoming year’s Hamfest. The number of tickets given for a fixed donation will

be derived by the Committee. For the purpose of clarification:


– The winning ticket holder does not have to be present to

receive his/her prize.


– You must be physically present at the drawing site to claim

your prize. If the person is not present, the ticket is placed back among the

others and another is drawn.

You must be a licensed amateur radio operator to be eligible to receive

transmitting prizes.

Section 7 .

Banquet and Bar-B-Q

QWSP will cater the banquet and Bar-B-Q. Tickets for these events will be sold

by and money received by QWSP personnel only. No member of the Committee or

membership will be responsible for the collection of ticket sales for these

events. The menu of these activities will be negotiated by the Committee and

QWSP management. Time of these events will be scheduled by the Committee and

QWSP management.

Section 8.

Unprecedented Circumstances

In the event that the Queen Wilhelmina Hamfest Cannot be held due to circumstances outside the control of the

QWHA committee and Board members, it will be the accepted practice to freeze all funds and freeze all positions.

These Funds and Positions will be carried over to the next year or whenever the Hamfest can be resumed.


It is the responsibility of each Director, Committee member, and participant of

the Hamfest to comply with all QWSP rules and regulations. This document, or any

part of, cannot be enforced if they conflict with QWSP regulations or policy. If

at anytime a participant to the Hamfest is found not in compliance with QWSP

rules or regulations, it will be left to the discretion of QWSP personnel as to

what degree of discipline is required for this infraction. The association will

support any decision that QWSP makes” upon violators.


These Bylaws may be amended by a simple majority vote of the active Directors,

Committee members, and registered members, in attendance at the meetings.

Article XII: Amendment 1

Hold Harmless Vendor Agreement

By entering into agreement and paying vender fees to QWHA to display and sell

wears at the Queen Welhilmina Hamfest to be conducted by the Queen Wilhelmina

Hamfest Association at Queen Wilhelmina State Park, 3877 Hwy 88 West, Mena, AR.

It is hereinafter stated, the Queen Wilhelmina Hamfest Association is to be

absolved of all injuries, fatal or non fatal, and illnesses of every kind, name

or nature, and personal property damage and/or loss or whatever kind or nature

which may be sustained or suffered from any cause whatsoever connected with or

arising out of or by reason of participation in or involvement in/with the Queen

Wilhelmina Hamfest.

By Laws Amended: 02/19/2011